I am not exaggerating when I say that my work with Jeff has transformed my life. After a sudden layoff, my best thinking was to take any dead-end job that came along. Instead, I embarked on my journey through Jeff’s process. Jeff and I began to define who I am, what drives me, what I value, and where I truly belong. This process, coupled with Jeff’s encouragement has helped me to discover what I am passionate about and pursue it with everything that I have. If you want a coach who wants nothing more than to see you happy and successful and who will stop at nothing to help you get there, then call Jeff. I highly recommend him! I can’t say enough about him or his program. Unbelievable results!

Kristin Pancotti – Clinical Intern & Case Manager at Gandara Center | Grad Student in Mental Health Counseling

I want to recommend Jeff but at the same time feel at a loss for words.

He is insightful, supportive, and amazing. With just a few questions and strategic use of silence to give you time to think Jeff is able to unearth your value, help you recognize and own it, and form it into coherent stories that convey your capability and your vulnerability at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for help to communicate your value as part of your search for a new career or as part of your marketing story, Jeff is who you need to work with you,

I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Winnie Anderson, Best-selling Author | Award-winning Brand Strategist and Copywriter | Speaker | Trainer

I came to Jeff feeling lost, stuck and unsure of what the next step in my career should be. I knew I wanted to have steady career growth but I did not know where to go, what to do or how to take the next step. Jeff coached and guided me uncover my true potential, he challenged me to dig deeper and think harder about my true values, passion and purpose. Jeff taught me the power behind personal branding and storytelling which helped me uncover my unique purpose in life and my career. I would highly recommend anyone who is feeling lost, stuck, unsure or even afraid to reach out to Jeff, you will not be disappointed!!!

Ben Merloni, Channel Sales | Account Management | Project Management

When I started working with Jeff, I was in a career rut and unsure how to change industries, but was also uncertain about what I could get from working with a career coach. Jeff’s experience, expertise, and warmth quickly diffused any concerns, and he helped me prepare for a major career pivot. It would have been enough to walk away more focused, confident, and clear on my skills and unique talents, but as a direct result of my work with Jeff, I got a dream job offer in the exact industry I was targeting, with a 40% salary increase over my previous job. Working with Jeff absolutely felt good, but he also delivered the goods, and provided tremendous value and life-altering results.

Karo Kilfeather, Content Strategist | Narrative Marketer | Writer

Jeff Rock is passionate about what he’s doing which is obvious the first time you speak with him. He’s a gifted motivator – positive, approachable, caring, insightful, encouraging and down-to-earth, with an awesome sense of humor. His focus isn’t only on job skills, he takes the whole person into account – past, present and future all of which are part of telling your story and finding your path and he’s connected with a large network of people who have the same mission as he does. My work with Jeff was just that – hard work. But together we brought out my best qualities – some of which I always knew I had, but never really gave credence to until Jeff and I talked about them. You couldn’t give yourself a better gift than working with Jeff Rock – he’s amazing!

Jean MacKenzie, Senior Project Manager

I’ve had the privilege to know Jeff over the last few years, first as colleagues and most recently as my career coach with Swift River. Jeff’s insights and reframing of my talents and value were very empowering – based on his coaching and guidance, I was able to land a new position within a very short time frame. I most valued Jeff for his ability to show me that I was worth more than how my current position defined me. That opened my eyes to greater opportunities – his coaching and support in this area was invaluable.

Diana L. Garcia, JD, CISSP, PMP, Senior Client Engagement Manager at PhishMe, Inc.

Jeff recently provided a 3-part series on using LinkedIn for job seekers and employment support professionals. I was very impressed with his story-based approach to connecting with the world! It completely changed the way I look at LinkedIn — and I’ve personally implemented many of the suggestions he offered. Jeff is well-spoken, organized, and clearly a very skilled coach. I recommend Jeff to those who need eyes on a project, advice on a solid social marketing strategy, or assistance with getting a story out the right way.

Ryan Aldrich, CESP, Program Manager, Public Speaker. Consultant

I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with Jeff for a number of years as a career coach, manager, colleague, project manager, and friend. Jeff has proven credentials, methods, real world experience, and a consultative mindset. These character attributes are vitally important guides in the ownership of your career. Jeff lends a steady hand to support, advise, and listen to client needs. Jeff leveraged his interpersonal and mentoring skills to help bring my brand, career, and life goals to a new level.

Kevin Riley, Portfolio/Program Leader

Jeff is a great career coach. I had the pleasure of working with Jeff on my career goals. He shared effective strategies for introverts wanting to succeed in a fast past, extrovert work environment. Through the use of some amazing tools, Jeff helped me work on my professional brand and to write my own narrative. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone looking to be more successful and take charge of your career trajectory. Well worth the investment to partner with Jeff.

Jason Gardner, Global Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn

As a strategy consultant, I understand the importance of alignment. Each of us has gifts and passions, and when they are focussed we achieve our greatest successes. Jeff helps people find that focus. I’ve not only referred my clients to him, I have also enlisted his services in building my personal brand and consulting practice. Jeff’s insights have been transformative. His expertise, and resources, helps people connect with opportunities that may have otherwise gone unrealised. If you’re wondering “what’s next” in your life, your first step should be to work with Jeff.

Thom Fox, Behaviorally-Based Leadership and Team Development

Jeff has been a speaker in my Career Counseling course at Cambridge College, Springfield Campus, for the past three semesters. The feedback I have received from the students in this Masters level course has been very positive as it links Career Counseling with the line of work they do as Mental Health Counselors/ School Adjustment Counselors and Guidance Counselors. Students are most fascinated by Jeff’s Storytelling and Personal Branding topics as they find them useful not only for themselves but for the clients they serve. I highly recommend Jeff Rock as a speaker to any organization wholeheartedly and without reservation.

Merylina Santiago-Asselin, School Guidance Counselor

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