Storytelling for Leaders

Anthropologists have long known what Neuroscience now confirms: Humans are hard-wired for story. They receive, retain, and process information delivered in story form more deeply than the same information delivered through any other narrative structure. Storytelling is becoming an essential skill for those in leadership. Narrative creates a common vision and drives behavior. This program is designed to develop the storytelling skills you need for your current organization. I will sign a non-disclosure agreement if desired. The program includes:

  • 2-hour intake session via video-conference on organizational structure, culture and challenges.
  • Fascination Advantage Assessment (Personal Brand)
  • Story archetypes review to frame communication
  • Customized 1:1 storytelling training
  • Mock storytelling sessions to build fluency and confidence
  • 6 coaching sessions in total
  • Email and texting support between sessions


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