Re-Imagining Ourselves

In this interview Doug Foresta of Empower Radio and missionary to better the world, and I talk about using Imagination to succeed.

Interview title: Re-Imagining Ourselves

What do stories have to do with personal success? How can you overcome limiting beliefs? On the debut edition of Imagining the Future, Jeff Rock, Chief Insight Officer of Swift River Coaching, talks about the connection between imagination and personal reinvention. Jeff discusses how to raise your personal energy level to overcome limitations, and shares stories about how he uses imagination with his coaching clients. Jeff also shares how imagination can hinder or help you in achieving your goals, and how you can ensure that you are able to use imagination to move your life forward.

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Jeff Rock

Author Jeff Rock

Jeff works with project management professionals in business. He provides career and personal development coaching to help you get your career moving forward while bringing your life back into balance. As a result, you feel rejuvenated and back in control. You get your life back.

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