During the month of June, I participated in a 30-day blogathon orchestrated by Japan’s Personal Branding Strategist Peter Sterlacci. One of the contributors, Tea Silvestre, came up with the idea of turning the content into an e-book. It is available free of charge here.

Recently I was speaking with a client and it became evident to me that she did not fully understand her true potential. She is an amazing person, talented and compassionate. As I listened to her, a line from the first paragraph of Todd Nielsen’s great blog “Screw Dents” came rushing into my head.But the biggest failure —and the regret that leads them all—was the failure to grasp my full potential earlier in life. I told her about that piece and we discussed it relative to her situation. When we parted, she was highly motivated and had a lot to think about.


We are the sum of all our knowledge and experiences. I have read all of the entries at least twice and will read them all again. I will share everything I have learned with as many people as I can. Today more than ever, knowledge is abundant and accessible, and there is no limit to its application. Sharing is the new coin of the realm. So read, learn, and pass it on.

Jeff Rock

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Jeff works with project management professionals in business. He provides career and personal development coaching to help you get your career moving forward while bringing your life back into balance. As a result, you feel rejuvenated and back in control. You get your life back.

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  • Thank you for sharing a great example of how the Blogathon content has applied to one of your clients Jeff! I certainly welcome you sharing the eBook with anyone else you feel would benefit. Thank you for this.

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