Too often we struggle to have the breakthrough we want or experience sustained success because of the story we tell ourselves. And that story is often rooted in our past.

Join Jeff as he shares how you can leverage your story without letting negative issues define you. You’ll discover…

  • Why your story matters and how to make it work for you
  • How to define the future story that will begin to transform your life today
  • How to choose which stories to keep and which to leave behind

Jeff Rock is a career coach, brand storyteller, and certified personal branding strategist. His work helps professionals to uncover, embrace, and make sense of their past to leverage it so it supports their transition to a new career or to new business success. His corporate experience combined with his unique ability to see your potential, mine your past skills and accomplishments, and break free from the negative aspects of your story enables him to coach and support professionals in their career transitions to create life and work that brings them joy and is true to their essence.

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