Escape the Boss from Hell

Toxic work environments, including workplace bullying, can destroy careers and put stress on families. If you frequently wake up at 3:00 AM stressing about your job, are constantly criticized, are verbally abused or slowly isolated from your peers, this program may for you. Bosses From Hell often convince their targets that there is no where else to go where they would be valued. Not true. Your best defense is a good offense. We will use story and branding to rebuild your confidence, boost your self-esteem, reconstruct your professional presence, and plan your escape. This package includes:

  • 1-hour intake session
  • Origin Story development
  • 2-3 hour Origin Story coaching session
  • Fascination Advantage Assessment (How the world sees you)
  • MBTI Personality Assessment
  • 1-hour coaching session to debrief on assessments
  • LinkedIn Profile review
  • 90-minute Escape Plan coaching session
  • 1-hour plan execution support
  • Email and texting support between sessions

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